Manage Multiple Wallets
Easily on the Go

Use the uBUCK multi-wallet app to manage all of your digital or traditional currency.

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Select From a Range of Secure Wallets

Buy, store and spend your funds with the uBUCK app.


The uBUCK Black Elite Debit Card

  • No transfer fees or commissions
  • Fund your wallet by purchasing uBUCK vouchers with a credit card or debit card
  • Purchase uBUCK vouchers and redeem them for uBUCK cash
  • Spend uBUCK cash by linking your wallet to your uBUCK Debit Card

No Fees.
No Commissions.

Forget about the expensive wire or transfer fees from our competitors! You will never be charged to transfer uBUCK cash to another user.


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