The Ultimate Digital Wallet
Pay Fast. Send Securely.
No Credit Card? No Problem!

Pay people with uBUCK cash with lightning speed, make purchases online at approved merchants or withdraw cash at the ATM.

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How to send money with uBUCKTM

A uBUCK voucher is a prepaid voucher that allows you to top-up accounts and make payments with absolute security. Vouchers may be redeemed for uBUCK cash to make payments to friends and family around the world within minutes.


Buy uBUCK Voucher

Download the uBUCK app and purchase a voucher within the app


Buy uBUCK Cash

Redeem PIN to purchase uBUCK cash


Select User To Pay

Users without an account will receive an email invite to the app


Send Payment

Enter payment amount, click send and confirm


Manage Multiple Wallets Easily on the Go

Use the uBUCK multi-wallet app to manage all of your digital or traditional currency

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No Fees.
No Commissions.

Forget about the expensive wire or transfer fees from our competitors! You will never be charged to transfer uBUCK cash to another user.

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The uBUCK Black Elite Debit Card

  • Shop anywhere that accepts debit. Use in stores, restaurants, bill payments or online
  • Turn uBUCK cash into dollars by withdrawing cash from ATMs around the world
  • Track your spending in-app
  • PCI-DSS level 1 certified, 3D Secure fraud security
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Secure as Fort Knox

Two-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication may be used to
ensure that you're the only one with access to
your funds

Biometric & Device Verification

Facial and fingerprint verification is enabled for capable devices

Debit Card SecureCode

Protect your online shopping transactions with 3D Secure even if your card is stolen or cloned

SSL encryption

Personal information and data is fully encrypted with 256-bit encryption

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